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Monday, December 5, 2011

Life's Lessons.

1. If you ask your husband to PLEASE help keep the house clean, it will go through one ear and out the other.
2. You will not only keep the house keep while wrangling your 9 month old, you will also be asked to watch your inconsistent daycare child on Saturday.
3. This daycare child is naughty. She is a tantrum throwing child with selective hearing and only three phrases.
4. You will here, "I did it" "I want it" & "I like it" all freakin' day long.
5. You will need to run to Ikea, which is an hour away, but you have to.
6. She will throw a fit in the store.
7. You will want to beat her.
8. You know it's just anger causing you to want to smack the kid for screaming for NO reason, but you know better. You just smile and tell her to knock it the heck off.
9. You will be told they will pick her up at 5, which turns to 6, without asking.
10. You will then be told you will get said demon child at 3:45 Monday morning.
11. You will be in bed by 8:30 with a perfectly clean house Sunday night.
12. 3:45 comes Monday morning and you'll be sitting in your kitchen, for 45 minutes.
13. After you finally crawl back in bed you'll get a text asking if you can get demon child at 8.
14. Sure, it's not like I wasn't up hours ago waiting for her. You'll agree.
15.She will again be a demon child. You just accept this and ignore her attitude.
16. When 5:15 comes and she's finally leaving, you will be so thankful she's gone.
17. You will then have to get yourself pretty, make some delicious Chocolate Cream Cheese cupcakes for your dinner party across the street. 
18. You will eat about 3 cupcakes and at least one of those was just pure batter before being cooked. 
19. You will now be happy & ready to meet a new family! 


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

#7 & #18 were my favorites but this whole post had me cracking up!!

Brittany said...

Chocolate.Cream Cheese.Cupcakes... those three words alone made me gain 10 lbs! You make me some, ok? Thanks! :)

Shelley said...

Ahhh craziness!!

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Ugh! I would totally not watch that demon child again!

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