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Saturday, December 3, 2011


True: I do not forgive people easily.

True: I really do want more friends.

True: I worry about TTC number 2.

True: I am very tired right now. 

True: I should probably still be sleeping.

True: 6 word sentence posts are fun.

True: I can't think of anything else.

True: You should try this out too!

True: You can find it over here.

So maybe mine wasn't perfect this time, I'm a first timer. She sent me here, check out her blog too.


Anonymous said...

just came across your blog-
true: i do not forgive easily
true: i wonder if i want to conceive another
true: i should get to bed!

your little one is adorable!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

This seems like a fun meme to join in on. My true statements would have to be little white lies or I would offend too many inlaws ;-)
(Told you I had a lot of experience with that)

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