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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The W Word.

There I said it.
 Now I'm writing this with my own personal opinions on what I want to do with my daughter, Miss A, so no negative comments please. 

SJ and I have talked for a while about TTC baby #2. We have decided that we will wait till Miss A is at least 18 months. Which is next summer. We don't want to wait too much longer after that, we don't want her to have a sibling way younger if it takes a while again, but we also wanted to make sure Miss A got time to be the one and only for a while. She is of course the only baby we will have alone time with. She's our first. Anyway, that being said/decided, I will need to stop nursing before we can TTC. 

I have always thought a year was a good age to stop nursing, especially just straight from the boob, for us. Now Miss A doesn't take a bottle, she stopped months ago. So at her 9 month Well Child appointment, I asked her doctor what to do and he said just slowly give her formula or pumped breast milk, and slowly cut out meals, maybe one every couple weeks, just encourage her to try something new. 

Tuesday I went and bought formula and a new sippy. I even pumped some breast milk that morning to see what she thought. She didn't care. She wasn't interested in it, wasn't even hungry. The formula didn't seem to interest her either. 

Honestly ladies, I think she has been weaning herself for a bit now. Her feedings are sometimes just 5 minutes during the day, just a quick drink. She nurses before bed, and afterwards she just talks then tosses and turns around in my bed till she's asleep, and then I move her to her room. She still sleeps through the night. I just don't want to weaning to be a traumatic experience for anyone here.

 I have sort of a plan. I figured at lunch for the next couple weeks I would offer her a sippy of formula afterwards. I would try and keep encouraging her and if she just doesn't want it, I'll nurse her, but only after trying. If she's not ready she's not, though I feel she might be. I just know if it takes longer than the next 3 months to wean her, it happens and if it's shorter, then that's fine too. I just refuse to go cold turkey on my poor sweet girl. It was a very bittersweet decision. On one hand my baby is growing up and we're moving closer to being able to start TTC #2, but on the other, my baby is growing up and I don't want her to be upset. 

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