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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Windy Day.

Today has been a kind of crazy day. Winds of up to 116 or maybe 106 mph were measure about 20 minutes from my house last night. The winds were about 70mph at least through out this morning and this evening not much has changed. It's given me time to sit back with my little stinker and hang out! She is currently redecorating my Christmas tree.

(Look at those chubby legs!)

As she has been all day.

Blurry but if you notice the lights are down off the tree, this 2nd picture is actually from earlier, when she decided it was okay to still wear pants.

Anyway, as I have been here, I've managed to get on the computer multiple times and I've been trying to get better with my commenting on other blogs, I realized (as I have other times) that to get more followers and to get more comments I need to do the same. I can't just sit around waiting for people. I need to do something! There is something about bad weather days, that make me want to do something nice with others. I don't know why. It mellows me out. Strange right? Anyway, I need some ideas for blog posts for this month. I have about 6 scheduled and 4 drafts waiting for me to complete and 4 more ideas that I need to start. What do you guys want to know? I need help! 

Oh P.S. I have a special guest post coming tomorrow! Make sure you check it out! 


Brittany said...

The wind here is killing us too!! This is nuts! Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

Your little Miss A Princess is precious! So nice of her to redecorate your tree for you.

BTW WHAT?! Are you a Summers? Your URL is mommysummers....that's my maiden name!!

Here's an idea for posts; join us over at Melissa's blog on Fridays -
We do 6 word Fridays. I love it. She always gives us a one word prompt early in the week. You should check it out!!

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