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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You met how?!

Online. There I said it. SJ & I met online. When I first moved to good old Utah I was 16 & I started high school as a junior taking senior classes so I graduated junior year. I got a small scholarship to college and was proud of myself for completing so fast and so well. The thing I didn't have, friends. I met a few people, I think I talk to 1 of them now, but not too often. No friends, means no body to find me dates. 


Well, I did date this soon to be missionary, and he was a great guy, just not for me. I dated another guy too now that I think about it, and huh, can't remember what happened. Oh and there was that third guy too. Oh and that other one. Okay so four guys. Most of which were just for a couple weeks, besides the first, that was like 8 ish months. Anyway, still what was I supposed to do after high school? Meet college guys? Umm, my classes started at 6:30 in the morning, I was also only 17, a bit younger than the guys. 

Anyway, I finally decided that I would sign up for Yahoo Personals. You know the free version? Ya that one. Well, I met a few guys, actually after that I had quite a few dates, I'm sure close to 25 ish. The next 4  or so came from my party days up in Morgan. Darn Morgan people. Well I still just wasn't happy. So in the beginning of 2007, this guy found me, online through his Yahoo Personals email. He then found me on Myspace, oh good old Myspace. GAH! Well we started talking, then we lost touch as he went away for military stuff in Germany for 2 weeks and we lost touch till November.

That first text almost ruined things. I had no idea who it was. He was done. He told me just forget it. Well umm, NO! So we started text-ing, and he sent me a picture, OH that's who you are! Well we made plans for Dec 7th (4 years ago last Wednesday) , which was a Friday, We were going to meet up. I was working prior to that, I kept thinking, I can't just go meet some random guy! Oh gosh, how do you get out of this?! I'm tired, maybe I can just do it tomorrow. Well I had pretty much cancelled, and crawled into bed after work, but I couldn't sleep. I just had something telling me, get up, you NEED to go see him. Well I finally got my courage up and met him at Barnes & Noble. We got Starbucks, drove around the theater a couple times, till we decided we would watch Awake. I left at the first bloody scene, for a phone call with my friend, and came back. 

After the movie, we walked out, it was snowing. And I gave him the first of many hugs to come. I didn't know that of course, I was terrified I'd never see him again. I was in love. Crazy right? I called him to make sure I thanked him for the movie, and to hear his voice again, maybe get another date? I mean come on, I deserved more than just one date and I got just that, but that's another post.

That's how we met, but we just say we met in Barnes & Noble parking lot. My dad still thinks that. No one thought it could work out, but look at us now. 

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The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

That is so sweet! Definitely seems like something bigger than all of us was pulling the two of you together.

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