Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Target Tuesday.

First things first friends! Check out my other post (here) to meet Kristen! I would love to do some shopping with her! Too bad she lives so FAR away. Now on to Target Tuesday with Tara.

If there is something I would need that I didn't get for my wedding, a nice dinner wear set. 
Sky & I did get ONE plate, ONE bowl, ONE mug, in a corral color. Sweet, but there's three of us now. Not going to work... so if I could, these are some of the dinner wear sets I would definitely check out.

What do you think?

New Friend.

Friends, I'm so happy to tell you that I'm having The Preppy Girl in Pink on my blog today! She's amazing if you haven't met her yet. Now be ready, this post is LONG, but so WORTH the read. There have been several times that I've tried to narrow it down, but I LOVE it, ALL of it. 

 Who are you, what do you blog about, any hobbies/interests you want to share? What are 10 of your favorite things?

  I am an almost 40 year old (hmmm...that hurt a bit more writing that than I thought it would) who was given the priveledge to stay at home with my girls when I came to a crossroad in my career. I could either spend less time with my family or more. Thankfully, my husband wanted me home more! So, I put in my resignation and two weeks later on my very first day off from work, I was a chaperone on one of daughter's field trips with school. I haven't looked back once. I have looked at my shrinking bank account but not at my decision to put my family in first place again. 

On my blog, I tend to write about whatever pops into my head, heart or my life. I'm not always the best at putting my words together but I write my blog as I would talk to my closest friends or family. You will find the real me on my blog. 

As for my hobbies/interests, I guess you could say that I love spending time with family and/or friends above anything else. I love to people in good company and laugh a lot. I am the person who everyone knows will at some point "snort" from laughing so hard. I am also a very good friend. I have your back, front, middle...you name it, I'll take care of it.

10 of my favorite material things...

1. Coke Zero - You will rarely see me without one of these in my hand, bag or cup holder.
2. Ice Cream - I usually have a bowl every night.
3. My smart phone - Do I really need to elaborate on this?! No, I didn't think so.
4. Sneakers - Some girls love high heels but I am a sneaker junkie! I have pairs to go with most colors in the rainbow and even some colors that aren't in the rainbow ;-)
5. Braids - I love braids in my hair and my girls' hair too. They are just so feminine. 
6. Vera Bradley - I have a slight obsession with her bags. My husband may say I need an intervention but really, he's a guy. He just doesn't get it ;-)
7.  My new Canon - I'm still learning how to use it but when I opened it up on Christmas morning my husband told me he bought it for me because besides for capturing the girls he knew I would love it for my blog. Swoon!! He's such a good man!
8. Porsche 911 - I will never own one but I love the look of them...even when they are parked but to watch one take off down the road/track, it makes my heart beat very quickly! Stunning cars!!
9. Hair bows on my girls - As soon as they had hair that was long enough, they had bows in their hair. Hey! I even bought some bows from you!! (this is where you shamelessly plug your beautiful hair bows!)
10. My blog - It is something that is all mine. I can decorate it how I want (once I learn how). I can write about whatever I want to. I can reach out to people. I can meet people. I can make people laugh. What's not to love?!

Why do you blog? What made you decide to blog? I know your husband gave you a push, but why blogging? (I read up on this but I figured you could tell everyone else) 
I stumbled upon my first blog after resigning from work in April. I didn't even know what a blog was before then. I didn't have time to surf the web for anything fun and truly when I was done with work the last thing I wanted to do was go on a computer. I was looking for a cake pop recipe and I chose the one with the prettiest description beside it when my Google search gave me a long list. I started to read it and really enjoyed it...so much so that after hearing about it a thousand times my husband one day told me to stop just reading them and start one of my own. He told me to sit down, take some time on the computer and get it going. I did and now here I am. I've been blogging since late August of 2011 and I love it!! I'm still a newbie and have lots to learn but there is so much support out there if you want/need it.

Favorite link-up?

My favorite link up is definitely Pour Your Heart Out with Shell at Things I Can't Say. This is where I have found most of my favorite blogs and made a lot of friends. I also have received wonderful support from anyone who has commented on those posts. I would recommend this link up to everyone and anyone.

Tell us about your family!
My husband, Chris, and I have been together for almost 15 years and we will be married for 11 years in just a few weeks. We have two girlies that are 9 and 7 years old. Their nicknames are Ash & Bean.
What do you guys like to do together?
   Wow! That's a hard one...the list would be forever long. I'll try to pick a few. We love to play in the water together (warm water...I can't stand cold water) either swimming, boogie boarding or jumping waves. We love to hike as a family. The girls have been hiking with us since they were little so they have a lot of endurance and can keep up with us on some serious mountain hiking. We also love to kayak. Sometimes we have to tow a girl or two if their arms get tired in their own kayaks but they are pretty good at it now that they are older. I guess you could say we are an "outdoorsy" family.

Jamaica is our 13 year old Hungarian Puli. She is our first born. The girls even call her their big sister. She has the best personality and she is just all around fun. Yes, those are dreadlocks. It is a natural cording that happens as their coat transitions from puppy to adult. It is a lot of work to keep from matting together and from collecting everything and anything in the yard that the cords pick up as they sweep across the ground or she rolls on something stinky...but she is worth it!

Favorite Family Movie?

We have so many of these. I'm sure if you asked each one of us we would have a different answer. My favorite movie is The Goonies. I would have to go with that because I love watching it with Chris and the girls. I love that my husband laughs because I am laughing and I love that my girls are now throwing out quotes from it right along with me.

                                                                        Parenting tips?
 Hmmm...Yes, please. I'll take some! Seriously though, I think the best tip I can offer is to have patience. As parents we don't want to see our kids grow up so quickly but at the same time we expect an awful lot out of them at such young ages. We get annoyed very quickly when they can't keep it together. I think you need to ask yourself...Did they get a good night's sleep? Did I drag them all over God's creation and not allow them any free time? Are they not feeling well and don't realize it yet? Was I able to do that at that age?. When I can tell my patience is wearing thin I always walk up to each of my girls (or whichever one is in the room), kiss them on the top of their heads and take a deep breath in of their wonderful smelling hair. It helps calm me and it reminds them that even though they are annoying me to no end that I love them.

                                                                            Beauty tips? 
You would crack up if you saw my drawers in the master bathroom. They hardly have anything in them but hair elastics and headbands. I honestly did not start wearing anything more than mascara and lip gloss until about 2 years when I decided I needed to look a bit more professional at work. Now, I have a few eye powder pencils and eye liner pencils from Sephora. They are the easiest way to brighten up your eyes in about 20 seconds flat! I wear lipstick now too. I love the stay all day kind by Revlon...mostly because I don't want to re-apply several times a day. I don't wear concealer or anything like that. I'm sure someone would recommend that I do but I don't like the way it makes my face feel. I want to feel my face if I touch it, not make up. I guess my beauty tip would be...Be Yourself!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Got my nails done for Valentine's day. These things will last for 3 weeks! I love them! 

Linked up for The Nail Files....

The Nail Files

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Scale.

I wasn't planning on writing a post today, I couldn't think of anything to pour my heart out about. Then it happened. I stepped on the scale. No weight gain, nor weight loss. I was still at my lowest pre-pregnancy, TTC weight. I've made it a month with a steady weight. I'm thrilled, makes me feel good. Yesterday I wore my skinny jeans, they fit great, just a little of a saggy tummy, but oh well. They were on, and I could breathe!  

Just the morning before Skyler was saying how we were coming up on starting to TTC #2. Which was on my mind for the rest of the morning, so when the weight thought was running around, it reminded me of the first round of TTC. It was difficult, PCOS is not friendly, though I know I was on the easier side of it. The Metformin was awful, I got so sick, and lost the weight, that they said I might. (I wasn't over weight, I was still in the good range, just had gained 15-20 lbs since I had gotten married.) I was at the number I am at now when I got pregnant. It's just a number. But that number makes me cringe when it goes up, makes me wonder if I'll have to get on Metformin again. I worry about any kind of weight gain. It's pathetic. It hurts. 

I was emailing with someone who is currently TTC #1 and her doctor suggested a counselor for her to see. I wish my doctor would have suggested that. I held it together, mostly, but deep down I was hurting. Too much for me to handle on my own. I'm sure people could tell. I talked to people about it, why didn't someone say something to me? Suggest someone to talk to? 

While going through marriage counseling I told Sky that maybe I needed to talk to someone about the things that were affecting me from my childhood, and he said sure, but it was never brought up again. I wasn't brave enough to bring it up after that one moment of courage.

 I hope if I'm ever in that place again, or near it, someone will speak up. I just want to know why? It's so easy for them to tell others what to do, but when I'm obviously in need of help/suggestion, why didn't they? It hurts to think they wouldn't say anything, but we're all so quick to judge. My in-laws that would be. My family understood, they talked to me, didn't judge, knew what I was going through and tried. But my in-laws, after they knew what I had gone through they continued to judge me. Judge me on past emotions. It's not fair. I'm hurt still, but I now have friends, blog friends, people that listen to me, let me pour my heart out.  

I hope you know, that every comment is appreciated, it makes my day to see you cared enough to say hello.  

Thanks Shell for letting me join you to pour my heart out! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Target Tuesday

First things first! 
http://www.fromkristenwithlove.com is having a 100 follower giveaway!! It's amazing! Check it out!!

GUESS WHAT!!! I've reached 50 followers!!

Patio Furniture!
I could shop Patio Furniture ALL day! I love it. I've been daydreaming about a finished backyard lately. Maybe next summer? These are all things I just love! There are so many so I'll keep it short!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Welcome ICLW -ers!

I hope you take the time to snoop around my blog & learn a bit about me! Decide you want to follow me? Let me know! I'd love to follow you too!

You can check out my "About Us" & "TTC" pages to find out a bit more about me!

For a quick update on my life right now, keep reading!

Miss A is currently 10 months old.

SJ is looking for a new job, closer to home.

I sell hair bows, & I'm currently working on something for us grown ups!

I tend to link up a few times during the week.





The Nail Files

Hope you'll stick around and get to know me better! Looking forward to meeting new bloggers!

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Make-up Bag.

So this morning I woke up and decided I'd show my make up routine, well it takes a while and I want it to look good, so for now I'll show you what I have in my bag. I don't have the time or $ to go and find expensive make up so I hit up the grocery store, or Pharmacy.

1. Tweezers, I love my tweezers, everyone NEEDS a good pair.
2. Eye primer, this one is Bare Study, Paint Pot, the only expensive thing in this picture its only used when I put eye shadow on though.
3. A paint brush, for the Paint Pot. Cheap, easy, works great. 
4. Liquid eyeliner.
5. Eye line pencil.
6. Eye shadow.
7. Shadow brush.
8. Love the white part of this mascara. 
9. More mascara.
10. Brow Pencil
11. Lip Gloss.
12. Eyelash curler.
13. Foundation
14. Blush
15. Powder.
16-18. Foundation, powder & blush brush

Not numbered, a mirror, a little one.
Not in this picture, q-tips. Love them. Oh and baby wipes. 

Most days, 2, 3 & 6 aren't used. 

This stuff takes this 

 to this.

Oh and another thing I usually have in my bag, is nail polish! If my nails are painted they get touched up in the am. 
My nails are still gel from last week, and holding up well, 

and my toes are a quick self white tip. 

I haven't found a color I absolutely have to have for my toes yet. 
I'm hoping that by linking up for The Nail Files, I'll find some must have colors!

The Nail Files

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm trying hard not to post twice a day... but, I need some opinions. I want to do a link-up on my blog. One that everyone can enjoy. I want to "See Your Closet" & show off mine (I have like 200 pairs of shoes.) I was thinking leave the link-up open for maybe a full week, and let ya link up a post about what's in your closet, new, old, shoes, coats, whatever! Wear it, take a picture of it hanging up. Talk about organizing your clothes WHATEVER! I think its a good way to show off your style/personality and it gives me something to post about! What do you think? Any ideas? This link up could be 1 week a month or something.. I don't know... Opinions please :)

It's okay.

I haven't really sat down to write a post, written & inspired by me lately. 
I've been doing A LOT of linking up! 
Which I love, but it's also not being me. 
I love to talk, I really do. I can ramble for days, especially in the car.
 I feel like after Ab was born I started just writing about her, which I could do ALL the time, but what about those of you out there that don't have kids? 
I'll be TTC again soon, do you care to hear about that?
 I'm feeling a little lost right now. 

I've found so much support & I've found some amazing friends here. I just hope you'll continue to follow me, no matter what I blog about. I want to gain new followers, I'm stuck at 43 and I know that's great, but I see other blogs (I know I know, don't compare) with hundreds and I want to have that one day.
 I'm making bows A LOT lately, would it drive you crazy if I posted pictures of them? 
I know, it's my blog I can do what I want, but I want your approval. Sad, pathetic right? 

It's okay though.
All of it. 
It's okay that I blog mostly about my baby.
It's okay that I usually have to use link-ups to get post thoughts going.
It's okay if you don't read ALL of my posts because they aren't about topics you care to read about.
It's okay that I compare myself to other bloggers.
It's okay that this didn't start out as an it's okay post.

It's okay. I mean it. I feel it.

Its Ok Thursdays

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've had a lot of time to just sit down and think lately. I posted here about my family always needing me. I think about all we've been through together.

My brother went deaf when he was about 3. He is able to hear now.

My sister found out she had cervical cancer at age 17.

My brother had his little boy join his life when he was 18.

I found a lump in my breast while TTC and had a biopsy done.

My youngest sister has had tumors removed from her ear and finger every couple years since she was 4.

My mom has heart disease and has had 13 heart attacks and 4 strokes since I was 12, so over the last 11 years.

Pregnancies & pregnancy scares. 


My sister having a seizure.

My in-laws being stupid. 

Friends leaving us at such a young age.

And that's just the start of it.

We've been through so much together. We've always been there together, for each other. My brother has been my late night movie buddy when I had nightmares & Skyler was at work. My sisters & I comforted each other through break ups. There hasn't been one friend that I've been able to turn to through everything. They are my rock. I'm close with my mom, we're more like friends than mother & daughter, but its my siblings that I know I can turn to no matter what. We share secrets. We fight. We laugh & cry together. I am so blessed to have such amazing siblings. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Target Tuesday


Love the blue.
Love the stripes

For some reason I like this color.

This one is just different.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Listicles!

"I'll Never...": The Top Ten Things You Said You Would NEVER Do And Have Caught Yourself Doing.

I'd never let my child make a mess at a restaurant. Okay so I do/don't let this happen, Ab does feed herself and make a mess, but we do contain it and clean it as it happens.

I'd never let my kids be "tv kids". well Ab definitely isn't a tv kid but she does LOVE Tangled, and sometimes that is the only time I can get her to calm down or to let me do anything! 

Now with that being said, here's another one, I'd never put my kid in front of the TV for me to get on the computer. I have to. If I don't get just 10 minutes "alone" meaning no typing assistance, I could lose my mind.

I'd never have a dog sleeping in my bed. Well Scout, sleeps right at my feet, MOSTLY outside the blankets, he was my baby before Ab. 

I'd never bribe my child while we are out shopping. Well the little stinker is quite the bargainer at 10 months, we usually leave with a snack.

I'd never bribe my kid with candy. What can I say, this 10 month old is picky about what she gets, sometimes and before you go and judge, I do limit what/when & how much she gets. 

I'd never take my child out in their pajamas. Some days she just needs a jama day with her ma. We only do this when she's sick and they are always clean pj's and her hair is always done. 

I'd never judge a mother that breast feeds in public. Ladies as long as your boobs are covered you have my support but if I see what you have to offer, I judge. No one wants to be grocery shopping and end up seeing your boob. Not cute. 

I'd never have go out in public without being ready. Gah this drives me crazy, but I have done it a couple times. 

I'd never let her sleep in her car seat, inside the house. Well today proved me wrong, I took Miss A to see her grandma, well EVERYONE & their dog, (literally) was there, so we drove home, (about 3 mins away)  and she fell asleep, so I just drug her in, in her big girl car seat and sat her on the couch. It was amazing. 

What have you done? Don't worry, I won't judge unless... 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Stealing.

Just something for me to do while A is laying on my lap watching Tangled.

21. Did you go to your high school prom? 

I went to my Junior Prom. That was the only dance/school activity I did go to. 

22. Perfect time to wake up? 
Early. I like to get up and get things done! 

23. Perfect time to go to bed? 

Ummm 10. So if A wakes up at 6 I've had enough sleep. 

24. Do you use your queen right away in chess? 

Ha. I don't play chess.

25. Ever been in a car accident? 

Once, with my SIL Dena. It wasn't bad though just a little bump.

26. Closer to mom or dad…or neither? 

I'm closer to my mom. We're more friends than mother and daughter.

27. What age is this exciting life over for you? 

I want to be old and wrinkly. 100 would be perfect.

28. What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?

I was a teenager from 2002-2008. It was perfect.

29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned? 
Don't get me started on favorite ever. I have 200 pairs of shoes. I love them all.

30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school? 

I have something from junior high. I still have tons of high school too though. What? It was only 6 years ago.

31. Were you in track and field? 

I've walked a track & crossed a field, does that count?

32. Were you ever in a school talent show?

No. I'm too darn shy.

33. Have you ever written in a library book?


34. Allergic to?

Tomatoes & watermelon.

35. Favorite fruit? 


Good News.

So today, I'm linking up with Grumpy Grateful Mom, to let you in on some good news!  I don't really have one thing that comes to mind, so I'm just going to make a list!

I've maintained my weight loss, I'm down to 145 lbs & am thinking of how to lose an extra 5lbs, and then I'd be set. 

I made a new banner for my blog, that I love. (I love seeing & sharing pictures!)

I'm finally getting a chance to blog. (It's been way too long, I mean I was getting good at posting every day and now it's been since what Thursday?)

My sister and her boyfriend finally cleaned up after themselves, well one mess at least. 

I got nail polish of my toes, on one foot, that's a start right?

I got some brilliant ideas for link ups & blog posts. 

I should have time to finish messing with my blog today!

I should be able to comment on blogs today!

I should be able to get some posts ready today!

Oh, I started baby sitting again! This time for a little boy, Eli. He's 8 months old and I only get him for like an  hour - hour and a half while his dad is at the gym a few days a week! It's perfect.

I'll be getting money back this year for taxes. Thank goodness. I was worried there. 

We're talking more and more about Baby #2, it's good news because well duh! It's another baby! I just can't wait to see what the future brings us!

What good news are you sharing?

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey everyone!

Yup, I'm still alive! I've just been so busy the last few days! My sister leaves Wednesday so I should be back to posting & commenting (yes I know I suck at commenting lately) as soon as that happens!

Oh ignore the ugly design of my site, I started to work on it then, A woke up.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It seems like I tend to complain when PYHO comes around, I want to work on that, though it is about how I feel. Today's post will seem the same as always, but its going to have a twist.

I feel used. I'm always there when my family needs me and they seem to be doing close to nothing for me lately. Well usually it is the bare minimum. Like L, she is staying here and tends to make messes but disappears when cleaning comes. I mean really? Come on. I love L. I've loved having her & her family here. It's been the best/least lonely time I've had in months!

My sister's are my best friends, my brother too. I'm working on making my SIL, B, a close best friend too.  I want to have that bond with her, we're working on it together. Anyway, lately it feels like I'm giving and giving and not getting anything in return, but I am. I have friends. I have people that will sit and laugh with & at me. My sister and I spent like 3 hours cutting/styling my hair and doing my make up just for the heck of it yesterday.

We're going to do her hair tonight, my baby couldn't take it any longer. But that's what sisters do. My other sister Llama, we can sit and joke together for hours. Beeb is just as much fun.I love my sisters, we're best friends/worst enemies, but we're always there for each other. Maybe I'm here for them more than they are for me, I just make better decisions, but I know when they look back at this time in their lives they'll know I was there for them. Sometimes I have to sit back and look at the friendships we have, sometimes they are strong, other times not so much, but we love each other. I have the best sisters. Even if they make messes and avoid cleaning, or they end up arrested or having their car impounded and end up dragging me into the middle of it. I'm still here for them & I love them. I'm pretty sure L will read this, since I got her to start blogging. I just hope that I can continue to be here & support my sisters. I hope they can feel my love.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My last Job.

I hate my last job. Well now I do.

Here are 10 things that I now hate about it.

  1. Watching 17 kids BY MYSELF. (The owner & her husband were supposed to help, but no she went shopping & he watched tv.
  2. Kids older than 3 wearing diapers, really? You want me to change a grown kid's butt? Gag!
  3. Kids that bite each other daily. Like the type of biting that makes other kids bleed. 
  4. Getting called in on my day off, ALL THE TIME. Jerks, find another reliable person to come in.
  5. Getting boogers wiped on me, really? You're 5 find a f***ing tissue.
  6. Eating corndogs, french friends or bologna. All 3 foods can die. 
  7. Mothers that lie, stupid stupid woman, you're ugly & I hate you.
  8. Boss that believes ugly stupid woman & ends up screaming at you while you're pregnant.
  9. Stupid bosses that make you quit because they are too stupid and believe ugly stupid woman.
  10. Stupid ex-boss that doesn't pay you for all the hours you put in, come on lady it was $3 short, I NEEDED that $3 that could have bought candy or something.

Check out my little sister's blog to see what 10 jobs she'd like to have!

Target Tuesday

Too bad I haven't sold enough bows yet :( 
So instead I'm linking up for Target Tuesday 
and browsing Target for the clothes that I might want to have. 

I'd love a long skirt.

This is cute!
Love this top.
This top looks comfy, love the blue.
This is different, but I like it.
Comfy shoes.
And this cute top.

I could shop forever. BUT I'll end there. What do you want from Target?

Also check out my little sister's blog, she's JUST starting out and needs some love.

Oh & did you know that The Vintage Apple is having a 1000 follower giveaway on her blog? Congrats to her on her 1000 followers, maybe one day I'll get there! Anyway I'm so excited about her giveaway, lots and lots of great stuff!

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