Monday, January 2, 2012



1. Fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

2. Exercise consistently. 

3.Have a spotless house, all the time.

4.Make an effort with my in-laws. 

5. Sew some outfits for A, that she'll actually wear.

6. Eat better. (Really? Has this ever happened?)

7. Stop drinking soda. (HAHAHA!)

8. Stop eating chocolate. (I would almost rather die, than do this)

9. Stop swearing. (Ya, I'm just going to say it, the F word is my friend)

10. Wake up early and have a decent breakfast with SJ. (I will never be good at this, I'd much rather find candy or a quick snack.) 

As always, please take the time to check out the other bloggers linking up to this back on Stasha's Page, its a great way to meet new people and a great Link-Up for Mondays! Also check out Stasha's page, she's a great blog to be following. 


Stasha said...

First of all thank you for the sweetness that is you!
As for the list, this is perfectly reasonable, right? What is life without chocolate and f word?!? Great list Sara!

Greta @gfunkified said...

I'm with you on the chocolate and clean house. always eat breakfast, but only with my husband on the weekends...every other day, it's cold by the time I get to it!

Recovering Supermom said...

Great list! You know I'm with you on chocolate and on the clean house. Swearing is also fun! :)

Sandra said...

I think I could stop doing crack more easily than I could give up my soda...I'm not a crack head, that's not what i"m saying...oh geez, that didn't come out right. And if you say the "f" bomb, you're basically my favourite person.

Brittany said...

The more we blog the more I find we are freaking twins... I could easily copy your entire list as things I am not going to do this year! :)

Kiddothings said...

Cannot have a spotless house, sew or stop eating choc either. But, life goes on. Wishing you a great 2012 despite these resolutions you won't keep ;)

Cookie’s Mom said...

Oooh, in-laws. Tough one. And swearing? Ya, another tough one. Especially when staying with the in-laws. :P

Jessica said...

Saw Annie retweet a link to your blog, so I'm following! Love your non resolutions!! I try to stop swearing all the time doesn't happen!

Jessica said...

Would love for you to follow me to! Thanks

Sweaty said...

Ah... the in-laws!!! I like you already!!! lol

Ditto on your list. Gah, New Years Resolutions are truly meant to be broken ;)

AudreyN said...

Of course saying the F word is fun... until the kid repeats it dum dum dum.... I need to get it thru my brain that i will never fit back into my pre-prego cloths... especially after number 2... although so far I havn't gained much weight

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