Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby #2.

Baby #2.
When are you coming? 
What will you be like?
How will A respond to being a big sister?

I always ask myself these things. No, we're not currently back in the TTC group. We're waiting till A is at least 1 if not 1 1/2. I want to make sure she has enough time to be a baby. Enough just one on one time with me and SJ but, at the same time I don't want them so far apart that it's hard for her to get used to a new baby. So I figured starting to talk about baby #2 after A's birthday is the best option. 

What will I like as a mom to 2 babies?
Will I be able to handle it? 
Heck most days it still amazes me that Miss A is mine. Would it be weird for you to hear that, it still hasn't clicked that A is mine, that I've had a baby? I mean yes I do everything and more for her and love her more than anything, but I still feel like I'm in a dream.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to handle two babies. Sometimes I wonder when we'll actually get pregnant. Will it happen quickly, or will it take a while like it did with A. Can I handle it taking a while if it does? I think I can. I know I can with Miss A by my side. Of course she won't know what's going on, but seeing her beautiful smile will help. Every time I see her my heart is healed just a little bit more, from all the pain it endured waiting for her. Hoping, wishing she'd come.

She came when God knew I needed her most. This is her time. She came when she was ready.  I know the same is to be said about Baby #2. He or she will come when they are ready. I know it will be more of a challenge with two kids, verses just Miss A. I'm up for that challenge. I know it will be worth it. And just knowing that, I'm ready now. I'm ready, like yesterday.

So for now I'll look back at A's baby pictures. I'll fold her little clothes and pack them up. I'll let my excitement and curiosity build, and remember that it'll happen when it's supposed to happen. Though if anyone were to tell me that outside of you blogging buddies, I would probably stab them. HA!

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Actuary Mom said...

I am a mom of two (just became two 6 weeks ago), and sometimes I still forget that I am a mom. It is really unbelievable, and now it is a mom of two!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I always wanted to have 3 children and when the doctor(s) told me I couldn't have anymore it almost crushed me. I then had to take a deep breath and tell myself that everything happens for a reason. I can't say I still don't want that third child but I adore the ones I have with every little piece of my heart.

Shell said...

Whenever it happens, you'll be ready. I was so scared when I was pregnant with my second, not sure if I could do it. Scared with my third, too. But, us mamas can pretty much do anything. ;)

Brittany said...

I worry about it taking so long that Miss K gets old enough to ask about siblings, and having to explain that mommy can't have any... :(

Christine Siracusa said...

There are so many questions. So many what ifs and unknowns. That type of stuff drives me a little crazy. But that's life. So I guess that means life drives me a little crazy?

Best we can do is take it as it comes.

visiting from PYHO.

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