Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's okay.

I haven't really sat down to write a post, written & inspired by me lately. 
I've been doing A LOT of linking up! 
Which I love, but it's also not being me. 
I love to talk, I really do. I can ramble for days, especially in the car.
 I feel like after Ab was born I started just writing about her, which I could do ALL the time, but what about those of you out there that don't have kids? 
I'll be TTC again soon, do you care to hear about that?
 I'm feeling a little lost right now. 

I've found so much support & I've found some amazing friends here. I just hope you'll continue to follow me, no matter what I blog about. I want to gain new followers, I'm stuck at 43 and I know that's great, but I see other blogs (I know I know, don't compare) with hundreds and I want to have that one day.
 I'm making bows A LOT lately, would it drive you crazy if I posted pictures of them? 
I know, it's my blog I can do what I want, but I want your approval. Sad, pathetic right? 

It's okay though.
All of it. 
It's okay that I blog mostly about my baby.
It's okay that I usually have to use link-ups to get post thoughts going.
It's okay if you don't read ALL of my posts because they aren't about topics you care to read about.
It's okay that I compare myself to other bloggers.
It's okay that this didn't start out as an it's okay post.

It's okay. I mean it. I feel it.

Its Ok Thursdays


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

It is okay. Let your blog be you and write about whatever you want/need to. I know that I adore that person and so do so many others!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I agree with Kristen! Write about whatever you love! You'll be so glad you wrote down those baby stories someday. And they're still your words even when you link up.

I got a lot of my followers just by following, commenting, and getting to know other people. But my follower list is going away in a few weeks anyhow. :)

Victoria said...

It is OK!! You are sooo right! I am just getting into blogging and literally only have like 10 followers, but I really love it. I can see what you mean though about feeling like people won't want to read posts that aren't clever or exciting, write whatever you like my dear and i promise some of u will def stick around and read it!

-your newest follower :)

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

The big number of followers always look great on the blog, but they don't actually mean anything. I have more than 180, but only one handful that visits and comments regularly. Just build loyal readers, one that actually reads your blog, and not just putting a picture there.

Thanks for visiting.

Di said...

Write about whatever you want to girl! My blog is mostly Jellybean now but so is my life!

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