Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Listicles!

"I'll Never...": The Top Ten Things You Said You Would NEVER Do And Have Caught Yourself Doing.

I'd never let my child make a mess at a restaurant. Okay so I do/don't let this happen, Ab does feed herself and make a mess, but we do contain it and clean it as it happens.

I'd never let my kids be "tv kids". well Ab definitely isn't a tv kid but she does LOVE Tangled, and sometimes that is the only time I can get her to calm down or to let me do anything! 

Now with that being said, here's another one, I'd never put my kid in front of the TV for me to get on the computer. I have to. If I don't get just 10 minutes "alone" meaning no typing assistance, I could lose my mind.

I'd never have a dog sleeping in my bed. Well Scout, sleeps right at my feet, MOSTLY outside the blankets, he was my baby before Ab. 

I'd never bribe my child while we are out shopping. Well the little stinker is quite the bargainer at 10 months, we usually leave with a snack.

I'd never bribe my kid with candy. What can I say, this 10 month old is picky about what she gets, sometimes and before you go and judge, I do limit what/when & how much she gets. 

I'd never take my child out in their pajamas. Some days she just needs a jama day with her ma. We only do this when she's sick and they are always clean pj's and her hair is always done. 

I'd never judge a mother that breast feeds in public. Ladies as long as your boobs are covered you have my support but if I see what you have to offer, I judge. No one wants to be grocery shopping and end up seeing your boob. Not cute. 

I'd never have go out in public without being ready. Gah this drives me crazy, but I have done it a couple times. 

I'd never let her sleep in her car seat, inside the house. Well today proved me wrong, I took Miss A to see her grandma, well EVERYONE & their dog, (literally) was there, so we drove home, (about 3 mins away)  and she fell asleep, so I just drug her in, in her big girl car seat and sat her on the couch. It was amazing. 

What have you done? Don't worry, I won't judge unless... 


Cookie’s Mom said...

Yup - TV, sleeping in the bucket, the bribery.... all things I try to avoid, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Being a parent will take all the "I nevers" right out of us!

Stasha said...

Look as long as her hair is done, PJ's are fine :)
We have done all these and then some. Motherhood really is a case of eating a humble pie.
Love your new photo, you look stunning.

Unknown said...

I pretty much thought letting your kid sleep in their car seat in their house was cruel until my daughter actually slept pretty well in it and I didn't want to wake her.
My kids have gone to daycare in their pajamas after I swore I wouldn't let that happen. Oh well.

AudreyN said...

Ha ha ha I totally miss the days when Jakah would sleep in his carseat and all I had to do was carry that in and leave him in it!

Tami said...

When I was a teenager I went to the mall with friends. I saw a mother breast feeding her child without a cover. As a teenager I was horrified and grossed out! I have nothing against breast feeding but I prefer not to see a boobie!

poop and other things moms are obsessed with said...

I am guilty of putting sugar on my sons rice cereal. Not super proud of this...I just get so desperate for him to eat!

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