Friday, January 20, 2012

My Make-up Bag.

So this morning I woke up and decided I'd show my make up routine, well it takes a while and I want it to look good, so for now I'll show you what I have in my bag. I don't have the time or $ to go and find expensive make up so I hit up the grocery store, or Pharmacy.

1. Tweezers, I love my tweezers, everyone NEEDS a good pair.
2. Eye primer, this one is Bare Study, Paint Pot, the only expensive thing in this picture its only used when I put eye shadow on though.
3. A paint brush, for the Paint Pot. Cheap, easy, works great. 
4. Liquid eyeliner.
5. Eye line pencil.
6. Eye shadow.
7. Shadow brush.
8. Love the white part of this mascara. 
9. More mascara.
10. Brow Pencil
11. Lip Gloss.
12. Eyelash curler.
13. Foundation
14. Blush
15. Powder.
16-18. Foundation, powder & blush brush

Not numbered, a mirror, a little one.
Not in this picture, q-tips. Love them. Oh and baby wipes. 

Most days, 2, 3 & 6 aren't used. 

This stuff takes this 

 to this.

Oh and another thing I usually have in my bag, is nail polish! If my nails are painted they get touched up in the am. 
My nails are still gel from last week, and holding up well, 

and my toes are a quick self white tip. 

I haven't found a color I absolutely have to have for my toes yet. 
I'm hoping that by linking up for The Nail Files, I'll find some must have colors!

The Nail Files


Amanda said...

Omg! Love your nails!!! Are those called duck nails?!

jennie said...

Um, your sparkle tips are AMAZING!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I love how you did your eye makeup- i am hopeless when it comes to makeup so am always impressed by others! I love your sparkly gel nails- so pretty!

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