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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Ring!

Ya, look at that nasty hand, but look a beautiful ring! 
The middle part is my engagement ring, one of the bands is my wedding band and the other was bought for me just because. 

When SJ and I were dating we talked about getting married, ALL the time. He asked about rings, asked if I wanted to go look at them or if I wanted someone to just pick it out for me. I said I'd rather the guy go and pick out the ring for me. That I wanted him to find the ring that looked like me. He said he looked for days at different stores and finally found this one. I haven't seen any like it. The jeweler of course said there weren't many if any like it. (Who knows.) I love my ring. I love that SJ picked it out because it reminded him  of my smile. I wouldn't trade my ring for another. 

I'm a little late linking up over here. but I really wanted to show off my ring!


C Mae said...

Your hand is SO not nasty!!! LOL Thank you so much for linking up your "bling"

Brittany said...

Pretty! My ring was stolen from our house along with my whole jewelry box while I was pregnant :(

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

So adorable :)! Love this post, love your blog!

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