Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It seems like I tend to complain when PYHO comes around, I want to work on that, though it is about how I feel. Today's post will seem the same as always, but its going to have a twist.

I feel used. I'm always there when my family needs me and they seem to be doing close to nothing for me lately. Well usually it is the bare minimum. Like L, she is staying here and tends to make messes but disappears when cleaning comes. I mean really? Come on. I love L. I've loved having her & her family here. It's been the best/least lonely time I've had in months!

My sister's are my best friends, my brother too. I'm working on making my SIL, B, a close best friend too.  I want to have that bond with her, we're working on it together. Anyway, lately it feels like I'm giving and giving and not getting anything in return, but I am. I have friends. I have people that will sit and laugh with & at me. My sister and I spent like 3 hours cutting/styling my hair and doing my make up just for the heck of it yesterday.

We're going to do her hair tonight, my baby couldn't take it any longer. But that's what sisters do. My other sister Llama, we can sit and joke together for hours. Beeb is just as much fun.I love my sisters, we're best friends/worst enemies, but we're always there for each other. Maybe I'm here for them more than they are for me, I just make better decisions, but I know when they look back at this time in their lives they'll know I was there for them. Sometimes I have to sit back and look at the friendships we have, sometimes they are strong, other times not so much, but we love each other. I have the best sisters. Even if they make messes and avoid cleaning, or they end up arrested or having their car impounded and end up dragging me into the middle of it. I'm still here for them & I love them. I'm pretty sure L will read this, since I got her to start blogging. I just hope that I can continue to be here & support my sisters. I hope they can feel my love.


Shell said...

Having that love and knowing you'll be there for each other- priceless.

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I'm sure they know how much they love you. You seem like a giver, Sara. Maybe you need to let them take care of you instead of always taking care of them. I'm sure they want to but it is hard to take over when they are used to you doing it all. Just my two cents...only because I had people call me out on always being the caregiver and never allowing myself to be taken care of ;-)

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