Monday, January 2, 2012

Target Tuesday #2

I'm in the decorating mood right now. I  possibly finished the wall in my living room. I collected things from around my home that needed a new location. I'm almost completely happy with how it's turned out, but moving along, I'm linking up with Tara for Target Tuesday to show off some things I'd love for my house!

I would LOVE a coat rack like this for the entrance way, one I could pull out of the closet when I know people are coming with coats! 

We need a book shelf or two in the study. Right now all books are stacked on the window seat or packed away.

I want to redo my bedding in my room, go with more blues and grays. 

I'd love some of these in my bathrooms. They'd be so handy & cute!

I need this & all the other pieces.

Love this! I would love love love this in my bathroom! I need something up on the wall! 

Looks like this turned into mostly bathroom stuff. Guess that's what I'll be decorating next! 

You should link up with Tara for Target Tuesday.

She also has a new link up coming this Friday!! 


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

That's what I am working on now...redoing the large bathroom on our main floor. Shame we don't live closer, we could go shopping together!

tara said...

i loooooooove that throw pillow!! our spare bedroom is done in blues and grays and i love it! thanks for linking up! :)

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