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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11 Months.

Miss A, the day you turned 10 months we went to lunch at noodles and company and you were FLIRTING with a boy! YOU iniated the conversation you two had and everything! You were even dancing for him!

Here's a fun video of that.

You have grown SO much this last month, at your last check up (Feb 1) you weighed in at 20lbs 12 oz. 
You are still in size 3 diapers.
You wear size 18 month clothes. You are so dang tall! You are skinny though!

Here are some pictures from this last month

 Stinky left this month. 

Oh and you stand. You can climb up next to something and stand, ALL by yourself. It's adorable!

You also push your little walker car around, Aunt Ray has a video but won't send it to me! 

This month has been hard on you. You had teeth coming, then an ear infection (again) and more teeth) you currently have 3 teeth in and 2 almost in. 

You love to dance, play with stickers and still love to watch Tangled! 

Can you believe she'll be 1 in a month?!

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Brittany said...

Holy Cow!! 1 in a month! I still feel like Miss K is so little! Your little A is so much bigger, and doing so much more! This is all just crazy! :)

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