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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love my Days.

Only 10 (of the many things) I LOVE about my days!

1. I wake up next to my beautiful baby girl & my handsome husband! 

2. That means I get to wake up to beautiful baby girl smiles.

3.  And I get those smiles ALL day long.

4. I also get some mean looks, which I find hilarious! She's good at giving nasty looks, wonder where she got that from?! :)

5.I get to watch my baby girl learn new things 

6. And practice what she's already learned.

7. I get all to hold her as long as I want and I'm almost positive I've never put her down.

8. I get to do everything with my little girl, like going to dinner with my family.

9. And going shopping!

10. And no matter what the day, I get to end it with snuggling with my baby girl, usually watching a show.


Jamie said...

How did we ever know love before children? It even makes the love between partners that much more intense. Have a wonderful Valentines with your two loves.

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

So sweet! Ab is going to love to see all of this when she is my girls' ages. They love seeing everything shared from when they were little.

Jackie said...

So sweet!

Ado said...

WHAT a cutie-pie baby girl she is - chock-full of personality. You can see it in the photos!
Loved this list, I can tell from it you are really grateful for all that you have (-:

Stasha said...

You have a good life! And she has the cutest mean look ever!!

Recovering Supermom said...

I love her "mean" looks. :) We taught our 3 year old to scowl. It's hilarious! I'm so glad your daughter brings you so much joy. :)

AudreyN said...

What a sweet list! Being a mom is great! Happy Valentine's Day!

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