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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Re-Cap.

So we went out yesterday, as a family. All of us, well not Stinky & her Momma though, they still live in Vegas. Which reminds me, real fast, Skyler & I are starting to look for jobs for him, out of state. Vegas was on the list. We're staying close to Utah to start, all we know is, we're drowning here. We need something to come through soon or we're outta here. My parents did it, I know we can.  Anyway we went out for my parents' 25 anniversary, which is tomorrow. It was nice. I didn't get pictures of us going out but I made Sky take some of me and A together.

Aunt Sissy bough A a Valentine's present, which she loved!

What's in there!?

Ring pops?!

A dress, ring pops & stickers! YAY!

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