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Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Listicle.

First things first, check out today's other post. Someone special is there.

10 Things I am NOT Good At

Forgetting. I remember everything. Things that I did when I was younger that were awkward, or embarrassing moments, that NO ONE remembers, I remember. I also remember what you did to wrong me.

Forgiving. If you've been reading for a while, you know I have problems with my in-laws & things have happened and they have said things, that I just have a hard time forgiving.

Talking on the Phone.  I feel awkward on the phone, I don't like talking to people like our insurance company, because I have NO idea what is going on. My parent's handled everything for me and now my husband does. I'm awful when it comes to calling people, I am so out of place.

Making friends. I'm shy, unless you talk to me, then I don't stop talking. I'm a good friend.

Clearing my mind.  If something is bothering me, it will eat at me until I just can't do it anymore. Unless I do Pilates. The one work out my body can handle. It relaxes me which brings me to...

Keeping up with my exercise routine. I need to. I love it. I feel great when I do. I can push through, I just don't have the motivation to do it. I need someone to push me, encourage me.

Trusting people with A. I have only left A with my mom, my brother & his fiance, and her dad. I don't dare leave her with Sky's family. I just don't trust them enough to leave my baby with them..

Keeping my hair the same color. I love a change in my look. I used to color my hair twice a month, change it up, now it's like once every few months, but I still can't just keep in the same.

Planning meals. It's too hard to plan meals when I just don't know what to make! There are three of us, Sky needs lunch made so that's like 4, and well, I just don't know what will sound good that day. I would honestly go shopping every day if it wouldn't drive me crazy. I plan to work on this when Sky starts his new job.

Keeping my car clean. It's so much easier to just throw stuff in the back seat, like mail, or A's change of clothes or blankets.


Jamie Miles said...

A clean car. ugh. That should have been on my list. And talking on the phone. It's a skill not naturally to me and with our busy lives -- I now resent it. Horrible I know.

Stasha said...

Oh forgive and forget are tought ones. Letting go even more. Phone bit I am dreadful at too and reading thought the listicles, lots of others are too!

AudreyN said...

Forgiving is hard. And I never leave Jakah with anyone! Just grandma and my husband... I wish I trusted others

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