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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cycle Day 1, Take 2.

We're coming up on our second CD1 since stopping BC. I don't know how I feel about it right now. Sitting in the 2WW this time around doesn't really have me feeling much. I used to be all over the place, trying to prepare myself for whatever it was going to bring. Daydreaming of baby clothes, due dates, or preparing for AF. I was emotional. This time, I'm feeling calm. I know whatever is going to happen will happen.

Who knows if SJ and I will ever have more than just A? God does. He'll let us in on the plan when it happens. I'm not sure how I can be so calm right now. It's not like we're trying but lets face it, as soon as you're off BC and you've been through the TTC ringer once, you're not normal. I know when the big O is, I know about implantation, so on and so forth, I'm there again. This time I'm different.

I like it. It helps to have A with me. I know that no matter what, I have A. She's my baby. I grew her. Heck I'm still growing her, which reminds me I need to do a nursing update. I need some help with weaning. I have a few things I'm trying but it's always nice to get another person's perspective, and by that I mean another non family member. I'm sick of my in-laws or my own family trying to tell me what to do with A. But that's another blog post for another day.

All I know, is SJ and I are very blessed to have our little A. We know so many people that don't see kids as a blessing like we do. They want them for show. It's sad. You can really see it in the kids. Ladies, thanks for all your support. Wish I had more to tell. Hope everyone is doing well.

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