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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A hand.

At one point we were looking at jobs in other states for Skyler. I didn't love the idea of leaving but with no in state jobs replying I finally made the suggestion, we should start with the states surrounding us.

That's just what we did. It was a Sunday, we were sitting in our study looking at jobs in surrounding states, I was worried, not sure if we'd find something. I didn't want to leave my family, they are all I really have, no close friends, we've all grown apart, no new friends, my family is it. It was exciting yet overwhelming thinking of the possibility of us leaving, me having to be alone.

Then it happened, I felt a hand on my shoulder, a hand that left me feeling comforted, a hand that told me everything was going to be okay. This hand told me that I was being looked after, that my family was being looked after. I told Skyler, what happened, I told him whoever had done that was looking out for us, a guardian angel.

The next day, Skyler got a call about a job, an hour closer to us, better pay, growth potential. I prayed for weeks about Skyler finding a new job, prayed for comfort in the process and just when I thought everything was going a different way I got that sign. I don't know if I'll always remember that moment, but I most definitely want to have it written down. It's one of those moments where you realize you're being watched over, protected.

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