Friday, June 8, 2012

15 Months.

Dear A,
You are 15 months! Let's see what you've done this past month & how big you are!

(Taken the day after you turned 14 months.)
Measurements from your 15 month WCC:

Weight: 23 lbs 52%
Height: 31.5 " 80%
Head Cir: 18.25" 63%

(First Time swinging)
You are still nursing, well you were until yesterday, (post on that coming soon).

You started walking about 3 months ago, so you are now running.
(So happy in the mornings)
You finally say Mom, its amazing. I love it, though you do tend to say it with a whiny voice.

You are such a sweet heart, you love your cousin C so much. Everything is better when C is around.

You are finally back to sleeping through the night, and for you that means at least 6 hours before you wake.

You do yard work without putting up a fight, you love it, unlike me.

You have babies that you love so much, dad & I have to take turns loving them.

Grandma gave you C's guitar, you love it, it stays in the car so you can play with it when we drive around.

Stop growing up so fast.

Love you baby girl!

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