Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Remember how I went and got my eyelashes permed last Thursday & had a post ready for Friday & never actually got it scheduled or posted? Well here's that post.

Eyelash perm = fail :(

My eyelashes barely curled. Good thing I just went to see my friend so it was free, and she'll try again some other time if I want. Pretty bummed about that. But the process was pretty interesting and pretty relaxing. Next time I get it done, I'll definitely include pictures. I just didn't have an extra person with me this time around! 

Anyway, so I got this new mascara to try out when I was out wandering Wal-Mart looking for something to try. I figured I needed to try something new & it would give me something to blog about!

The first day I tried, I was pretty friggin' disappointed. It looked like crap & the brush sucked. Well I didn't want to give up  after one try so I tried again.

This time I followed the directions, which say 

 "For best results, apply the Flexor Brush against the lashes and sweep from root to tip until a full plush look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats." 

So I tried that out & BAM! I was in love! It works great with the false lashes I use. Definitely don't let it dry between coats, it works much much better! I even love it on my bottom lashes! That's surprising, I rarely wear mascara on the bottom lashes because it's hard getting it thick & dark enough without looking like a clumpy eyelashed fool. 

Seriously, try it out sometime. I'm sure you'll love it too! I just haven't figured out why the brush would bend like that, when there is no way for me to be able to push on my lashes hard enough for it to bend.Anyone know why? I could guess but maybe you know for sure? 

I've tried a bunch of different mascaras and would definitely use this again. 

What kind of mascara do you use? 
 I'd love to try another one out.

Picture & directions found here.

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