Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Listicles

The topic for today is awesome! Got me in the mood to shop! Hubs will not like that! Ha!

How to Spend $1000

1. Dresser for A's room.
image found here
2. New bed set for my room! 
image found here
3. Lunch! 
We love food here, so lunch is a must! 

4. This necklace!
found here!

5. I'm thinking A needs this
found here

6. Dinner
Seriously, we love food.

7.Outfit for me.

8. Outfit for A.

9. Lots of candy, chocolate to be exact.

10. A new hair dryer!
I've been using a travel hair dryer for over a year now! I want something nicer!


Jamie Miles said...

New clothes. I agree! And instead of the dresser, we desperately need two new chairs for our tiny eating area in the kitchen. Hope you find a little extra money to shop.

Jennifer Worrell said...

Baby kitchens are so much fun! Love the necklace and bed set:)

Robbie K said...

We have a very similiar kitchen..bought when my dd was 2 and still one of the most popular toys at our house.

Stasha said...

I want that kitchen for myself! I can do pretend much better then real cooking :)
I like how you would spend lots on food!

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