Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shop for Me.

Lately I've been slowly working around the house doing things. 
I'm working on my bathroom right now.

I FINALLY redid my bathroom cabinets & removed the icky towel rack that was making it so small & dark. Now I need some new things! 

Help me shop? 

I need a towel rack for over the toilet, I'm thinking a shelf sorta like this:

Then that'll need a clock & a cute basket.

I also need a new rug, well two. 
One big enough to fit between the bath & cabinets and one for in front of the shower.

I also need one of those Scentsy wall plug in deals. I had a regular size warmer & I'm just scared of A reaching the cord.

If you sell Scentsy let me know! I'm looking to buy some stuff!

Where do you shop for your bathroom stuff? 

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