Monday, June 25, 2012

Special Men in my Life

 5 Memories of a Special Man in My life - My Dad

The time he taught me how to tackle my nightmares.

Walking me down the aisle at my wedding, helping me stay calm and even cracking some jokes.

The moment he announced I was pregnant to his family, he couldn't keep it in any longer, he's a proud grandpa.

Holding A & singing to her when she was just a newborn.

When we went through the temple & he was there to greet me at the end.

 5 Memories of a Special Man in My life - My Husband

The sly way he found to hold my hand on our second date. Ice skating. 

The way he proposed, asking twice before I could even turn around & process what was going on.

The excitement he had when he picked out the perfect gift while I was pregnant, a pearl necklace with earrings (for me) & a bracelet (which was picked out for A).

The way he looked at our sweet baby girl the day she was born, he finally was a dad.

The smile he gets on his face every day when he comes home to us.


Stasha said...

The man in your life adore you. As they should. Love how you did this list!

Robbie K said...

sweet memories of your dad and husband.

Recovering Supermom said...

This is awesome! You have two great men and I can tell how much you love them...and they you. :)

Julie Rogers said...

Found you via the GFC blog hop---great list:) Just followed!


One and Done? said...

Hello from ICLW - what a sweet post about the great men in your life! :-)

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