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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That Call.

Monday started off like just any normal day, A & I got ready and headed over to my parent's house. We were there an hour, just about to plan what we were doing for lunch. I was sitting in a chair by the kitchen, where my mom was. Her phone rang, it was my brother's ring tone, as my mom stepped closer, I could immediately tell it wasn't my brother, something was wrong. My heart dropped. 

It was a Sheriff. My brother had been in an accident and rolled/totaled the truck he was driving and was being taken to the emergency room about 35 minutes away. Nothing other than that. My brother has a 4 year old, he was in the room, and saw how my mom & my brother's fiance reacted, very unstable. I took him and A up to the hospital in a separate car. 

He thought we were going to see his dad at work, I had to tell him that we were going to the hospital to see his dad because he had been in an accident. I had to explain that his dad might look different, ( no one knew what to expect, I didn't want him to see his dad and freak out, he needed to be prepared). We walked through the ER doors, and were taken back to see him, his face looked great, one arm completely covered in dried blood, the other wrapped in just tons of gauze. He had a few cuts on his shoulder but nothing too bad from what we could see.

His son was scared, I had to carry him in, had to show him his dad was okay. We went back out to wait for my dad to show up who works about an hour away from that hospital. Later we found out it wasn't until after I saw my brother & called my dad, that he knew my brother was alive. Then again, no one knew until they got there. 

I got the story from his fiance B, about what happened. He was following his boss, in his bosses truck, his boss in the dump truck. He was driving on Main St, and turned his head for a second and when he turned back a truck was parked across the street, he couldn't avoid it, he braced himself by throwing his left arm to protect his head. He crashed into the other truck and flipped the truck he was in. His arm was thrown through the driver's side window. After the truck landed on the driver's side, he said a group of around 30 guys came out and helped to pull him out of the truck.

The Sheriff and others at the hospital kept telling him how luck he was, his instinct to protect his head, is what saved his life. His arm has a deep cut from his elbow to his hand, nothing broken in that stretch. The bones in two fingers of his hands were completely crushed, and the rest of the bones are fractured. He was taken into surgery and lost part of his middle finger. My mom said his arm looks like hamburger. They put pins in his hand.  They don't know when his hand will heal. They don't know what to expect. 

The thought that my brother could have, and most likely would have, had he not tried to protect himself, died, has shaken everyone pretty badly. He is my only biological brother. I have two adopted but they came much later in my life, not that either of those last two things matter, whether biological or not, it's an awful thought. My brother is my best friend. He's my encyclopedia, if I have a question I ask him. We do everything we can for each other. We have some pretty great memories together and I am so thankful that someone was watching over him. Thankful that we get to make many more memories together. 


Michelle said...

So glad he's ok! The emotional trauma takes so much longer to heal...for all of you!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Sara, I am so happy he is okay. What a blessing! And thank goodness you were there to help with his son.

LC said...

I am so glad he was okay! Calls like that are so scary and I am so glad it turned out for the better! Stopping by from PYHO!

Shell said...

How frightening! So glad that he is okay!

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