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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Check out that title. 
Didn't think I would be posting about this, especially so late, A is 15 months. 
We had her 15 month check up, and I asked about weaning, and he said that cold turkey was the way to go, she's old enough & only uses me as comfort.

Now I don't remember what I've posted about nursing on here, it's been an experience. We lasted 15 onths.
 We're moving on now. Cold Turkey. She nursed in the morning after waking, but for the two times shes asked since then, nothing, and she went down for her nap perfectly. 
Just snuggled with her.

A has been wonderful through this whole process. She seemed to have caught on after day 1. Day three was the start of her starting to actually ask for her sippy. She's eating more. Sleeping through the night and seems much happier and more independent.

Now I forgot to mention, we weaned while teething! She's working on two molars, got her shots and still was a champ when it came to quitting. I'm so proud of her. I was worried about how we would feel, but I know we were both ready for it, we were just waiting for one of us to say, okay enough. Or for someone else to.

I'm so glad we made it as long as we did.It was a great bonding experience for us. Seriously I'll say it again, A has been AMAZING through the weaning process, right now as I add to this post she is about 4 weeks in. 28 days! Gosh time has flown! I thought I would hate life during this time, but you know what, I didn't.

A is bonding better with her dad, she even lets him rock her to sleep. She's growing up too fast. It's given A and I a great understanding of each other I think. She knows that I'm good for more than just nursing & comforting. She's realized I can comfort her in other ways and we can have more fun together. I'm so glad the weaning process is over though it wasn't bad at all, I'm looking forward to all the new things to come!

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