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Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day #1

[Day 1]: List 15 fun facts about yourself.

1.  (My husband &) I recently downloaded Donkey Kong Country (you know the Super Nintendo game?) & Super Mario World 3  & I pretty much got obsessed with it & so I make us spend quite a bit of our normal TV time playing it.

2. I could survive off of sweets, chocolate to be exact, really at one point in time I'm pretty sure all I ate was chocolate cake & candy bars, oh & don't forget the diet coke.

3. I'm pretty easy going, especially with my daughter which is working out great, we make messes, she colors on the wall & it's cool. We just clean it all up together, singing and making a game out of it of course.

4. My husband likes to say my mouth is worse than a sailor's. Who would have thought?! Kidding, I know my mouth is awful, I just can't help it. 

5. I love stupid movies, like The Other Guys, Superbad (especially when he gets hit by the car, hilarious!) 21 Jump Street, oh & Tropic Thunder. 

6. I like to learn new things, in the last year I've learned to re-do my cabinets, re-caulk my shower, fill holes, curl my hair 3 different ways, how to make hair bows, how to design my blog and how to use fondant better. I love it, keeps me busy, & the list of things I want to learn is never ending.

7. I love link-ups, especially great ones like this & ICLW, it helps me come up with a fun topic & makes me feel creative. I also love the idea of meeting so many new people.

8. Watching Hoarders or anything like that makes me feel motivated to get something started, but yet, hard to get me motivated to finish it, though I can get things done fast if needed.

9. I refuse to have anything under my bed but a couple shelves, that I'm yet to hang up. I hate the idea of it being cluttered, makes it near impossible for me to sleep. 

10. I love to talk, but am totally shy. Lately though I've noticed I'm a bit more out going. Maybe it's because I'm a mom now & I've also realized, who cares what other people think.

11. I love food. SO I snack A LOT.  But also want to be skinny, so I try and move around a lot while eating, you know to burn calories, ha!

12. I fit in with guys a lot better than I do with girls. My best friends have always been guys. Guys are just generally more easy going & kinder than girls, in my experience. Girls are backstabbing, skanks in my experience. BUT everyone will get a chance from me.

13. I still follow my dad's "Every one is nice" saying. I try & give people a chance, no matter what, but if I just can't stand them or they are my in-laws I stick to telling everyone else that that person "is nice". Makes me feel better for when I call them names in my head. 

14. I might be a nudist when I get really old like saggy wrinkly, no one wants to look at you & you don't want to see yourself in the mirror, type of old. The summers are really hot & clothes keep ya hot. I just don't know how I feel about other's being naked around me. gross. really gross. Tmi? Ha!

15. You know how there's that "line you don't cross" I like to take things to that line. Sometimes I push it past just to get a reaction from someone & most of the time I find it hilarious. Though I try & keep people's feelings in consideration. 

Life of Love


Sar said...

I absolutely love the idea that you may be a nudist in your older age. So cute!

Also, I love your propensity for home improvement! I recaulked my shower two years ago and I'm thinking about re-doing it again soon. Totally proud!

Thanks for linking up!

Shauna said...

I loved all these facts! We have a lot in common :) I just called my husband over and whined that we don't have Donkey Kong and I want it!

Katie said...

#10 and 11 are SO ME. Love this!

Brook said...

Great list! I love a girl with a mouth. Good for you!

Claire said...

My son and I once got addicted to Mario and Yoshi. I think that's Super Mario World.

Hahaha! I can't imagine a wrinkly nudist!

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