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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Four Eyes.

Random fact about me. I wear glasses. Well I should at least. I started wearing them in elementary school. Just for reading though. I wore them off & on through out Junior High & High School. I never really felt comfortable in them though, so I mainly wore them when I hid in my room. I don't know why though, plenty of people in my family have worn or do wear glasses. My dad has ALWAYS had them, my mom had readers & now wears them ALL the time.

My sweet husband, Skyler wears eyeglasses too. He loves them. He used to just wear contacts, but now has decided he'd much rather wear glasses. Which I don't quite understand, I still find it silly to wear glasses. So what if I'm a little uncomfortable? 

Maybe I should go get my eyes checked. I'm sure I SHOULD be wearing at least reading glasses. Who knows, maybe I SHOULD be wearing  multifocal glasses by now. Whatever it is, I'm sure I SHOULD go find out. Maybe soon. Seeing as we do have Vision Coverage now. (Isn't that awesome?! I know I'm getting excited over insurance, but whatever! We haven't had Vision or Dental in the last 3 years, you best believe I'll be hitting up the Dentist when I get the courage too!)

Anyway, like most of you I like to shop online so I figured I'd look around and see if I could shop for or even buy eye glasses online. You know what? You can. I was super excited, because I don't have to go in and get my eyes checked just to try on some glasses.

Super fun right? If you didn't try it, you really should. I spent WAY too much time playing around with it!

What do you think? Anyway, go check out 
and have some fun like I did. 

Decide to buy some? 

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so cool! And honestly, I think you look very pretty in glasses! Smart and classy! Especially the ones on the bottom right! I have glasses for when I drive, but they aren't totally necessary, and I hardly wear them. They are sort of weird, and I guess it is just something you have to get used to.. having something on your face all the time.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I might have to try that! Thanks! And hi from ICLW!

Hillarie Mueller said...

I have worn glasses since I was 3! I got contacts when I was 13 and have never looked back. I totally understand the feeling- I feel like a different person when I have them on!

Love your blog its too cute! New follower from Sunday Social :)

- Hillarie

Bounced Blessings said...

Cannot Wait To Try On My Virtual Glasses - So Much Fun!

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