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Monday, July 23, 2012

Going Back to School.

When I was 16, my family packed up & moved from California to Utah. I was just starting my Junior year of high school, and wasn't sure I was looking forward to going to a new school, let alone a public school. 

It was so hard to try & fit in, in a new state. I grew tired of people assuming we had palm trees all over our yard, that I surf & many other interesting stereotypes they had for Californians. 

All that happened right before school started, so I decided to see what it would take for me to graduated at the end of my Junior year. I took a few extra classes, went to night school & you know what, I graduated at the end of my Junior year. 

I was given some scholarship money for accomplishing my goal, and then quickly took that check & registered for my first year in college. I had just turned 17. I was excited, terrified. A little of everything. 
I was starting to burn out, working two jobs & going to school full time. 

I took a semester break then went back at it, that's when I met my sweet husband. I continued to do school the first year or two that we were married. Then I finally got pregnant in the middle of a busy summer semester. I was so sick, I couldn't stand to look at the computer screen, and that's when my motivation with school left. 

I didn't return after that semester. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go back to school. Sometimes I wander the internet looking for scholarships and find websites.

Websites that have SO many different scholarships. Both my husband & I have used scholarships & grants to help pay for college. Sometimes they have been small, but every bit helps. was one of the websites I came across. I spent some time wandering the different categories. Dreaming about all the different directions I could go if I went back to school. Culinary arts, Cosmetology, Computer Science are just a few. It was super easy & fun to move around this site & see what I could do.

I remember my dad telling me to "use whatever I can" to benefit me for a scholarship, being half mexican, being a woman. Whatever I could think of, he was sure there was a scholarship for that, and you know what there was & still is. 

Maybe I'm unsure about finishing up school or staying home, all I know is that if I decide to go back, I will be looking for scholarships and grants.

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Rachel said...

It's really true that you can use so many things to get scholarships--there are a lot out there! My college was totally paid for through scholarships-mostly academic ones, because I'm a geek. My husband, on the other hand, also got a significant part of his schooling paid for from scholarships for the fact that he's a minority and a first generation college student. My plan is that our kids will someday get even more scholarships than either of us since I plan for them to inherit my brains and his Mexican last name! :)
Definitely go for the scholarships with whatever connections you have if you decide to continue with education.

Ren said...

Hello from ICLW !

I often wonder what would have happened if I had gone for my Education Degree right out of high school and then really pursued my dream of being a teacher.

I had a student loan (that is now fully paid off)plus a small grant.

Karla said...

This is something I struggle with I feel like there are so many oppotunities out there.. we just have to take advantage. I really hope that one day I can finish school.

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