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Monday, July 9, 2012

If I Die Today

Great topics today for Monday Listicles, had fun thinking about this & coming up with some serious & some fun answers!

10 Things I Would Miss:

1.Baby girl's giggle.
2. Holding my husband's hand.
3. A's artwork, all over the house.
4. Family time.
5. A's Hot dog Dance. (I plan on recording this & sharing soon!!)
6. Caffeine.
8. Clean sheets.
9. Seeing the mountains right out my back door.
10. Netflix.

10 Things I Would Not Miss:

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
2. Waking up during a peaceful sleep because the dog wants to play at 2 am.
3. Liars.
4. Spiders, in my house.
5. Doing the dishes.
6. House problems, like the leak into the basement ceiling, the crappy roof.
7. My scale.
8. Idiot drivers.
9. Drama.
10. Yard work.


Bridget said...

I love seeing the mountains too. I'd much rather look at it than the scale!

Jackie said...

I don't mind the's the other insects that freak me out! I'm in NJ so there's not too many mountains in our view. That must be a pretty scene!

Stasha said...

Drama and liars should be banished. And scales.
Love that you displays A's artwork!!

Recovering Supermom said...

I love clean sheets, too! Can't wait to see that hot dog dance! :)

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