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Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Listicles.

A List of Thanks

Thanks to my love  addiction to chocolate, I've gained......... & I'm not too happy about it.
            But, thanks to my husband for telling me I look great, I feel much better.

Thanks to my daughter's creativity, almost every wall & floor in my house has been drawn on.
            But, thanks to her creativity, I've learned my house doesn't have to be perfectly clean, it's   her area to create & learn.

Thanks to my in-laws & their accidental pregnancies & their pregnancy scares, I was starting to feel down about our TTC #2 & how long it might take.
            But, thanks to my beautiful daughter for all her snuggles & smiles, I know everything will                              be okay.

Thanks to the many bloggers & such that don't reply to emails/questions, I start to wonder about blogging & if I want to.
           But, thanks to the other bloggers I've found that do reply & answer questions & support others, I realized I shouldn't give up.

Thanks to my need to constantly do something, I've got projects every where around my house.
          But, thanks to that need, I've learned how to do so many things.

Thanks to the awesome Monday Listicles, I have become addicted to link-ups.
            But, thanks to the link-ups, I've found SO many awesome bloggers that I call friends.


Stasha said...

Love how you wrote this. Thanks for being my friend online. Who knows, one day we might have a playdate and our kids will fall in love.

Robbie K said...

Love your list. Glad you have found so much support online.

Unknown said...

what a sweet hubs!

come say hi at

have a good day!

Intrepid Song said...

Love your take on the list, the pros and cons of each kernel of gratitude.
I'm addicted to link ups also, and chocolate, and to starting projects and not finishing them....:)

Jackie said...

This was the perfect way to do this list! The ups and downs of it all, so eloquently summed up.

Bridget said...

Cute take on the list! Nothing like seeing the silver lining:)

@dkotucker said...

Not to be a copy cat...but I will. What a great way to write your list!!! Really enjoyed reading it!

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

I think chocolate might get us all.

I am eyeing the blog hops in your sidebar as I type. :) Ellen

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