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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Squeals & Cupcakes

It's Okay

 That I squeal a little every time I see a new follower of my blog. 
(It's nice to see all my hard work pay off)

That A & I had a lazy day yesterday, we both hung out in lazy day clothes, me-yoga pants & a tank top, her- a onesie. 
(It was a cleaning day)

That some days this week have had 2 posts, I've had lots to say this week.

That I ate a few okay 5 of those cupcakes I posted about.

That I tell my dog to "Please find a new home" when he barks FOR NO REASON & wakes A up, putting her in a very very bad mood.
(I'm only joking with him)

  Really, It's Okay.

Its Ok Thursdays

P.S. Super fun WoodRoze Sunglassses giveaway here!


Jen said...

I squeal every time I get a new follower too! And I have lazy days clothes days all the time. Less laundry to do so it's a win win!

Ducky said...

Ha, several of these made me giggle. And then I wanted cupcakes :)

ICLW #27

Alyssa said...

I ate 8 Oreo's the other night. I need an intervention haha.

Jeni Q said...

The above mentioned cupcakes look amazing - I give you credit for stopping at 5!
I'm your newest follower (feel free to squeal!)

Hope to see you in my neck of the woods soon!

Garage Sales R Us said...

Such a cute post! I am visiting from thee blog hop. I know I am way late but I wanted to stop by. I am a new follower! I blog over at I hope you will stop by and do the same. I also have an awesome giveaway with a Cricut Machine going on right now! I would love it if you would enter!


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