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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yoga Pants, Spiders & Chocolate Cake

It's Okay
      To wash my yoga pants every morning so I can wear them later that afternoon.

It's Okay
      To count 10 min of yoga as a workout, because well you're tired & just starting up working out again.

It's Okay
      To laugh when I catch A coloring on the wall because her dad wasn't watching her like he was supposed to.

It's Okay
To stare at the computer screen for 10 minutes because I can't remember what in the heck I was going to do.

It's Okay
To put off laundry today because I just saw a spider crawling on the ceiling of the basement & there is no way I'm walking under it.

It's Okay
To have a crazy looking craft/computer room, because A & I love to "create" in there. (Can't wait to show you guys what we've been working on!)

It's Okay
To be obsessed with Heroes on Netflix right now, like I was obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Army Wives, Private Practice, Supernatural.... and so on. Any other Netflix suggestions?

It's Okay.
To be heading to grab a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast after this is all posted & linked up!      

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Haha, several times I've had to get ready for work in my living room because there's a spider in my bathroom. I hate creepy crawlies!

collettakay said...

Chocolate cake for breakfast sounds like a good plan to me! lol

My craft room is a mess. I really need to organize.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sole Searching Mama said...

Hello! Visiting you from the Two in Diapers blog hop! Enjoyed your post today! ~Susan

Amber K said...

i had to kill a spider this morning that tried to crawl down from the ceiling on to my head. i spent the rest of the day ducking for the tiniest shadows, haha.

Amber said...

Chocolate cake for breakfast sounds amazing! I might have to give that a try sometime! For the crayon, just try a sharpie with daddy watching and it makes it all better-haha!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Chocolate cake for breakfast! A girl after my own heart. Totally okay!

Renee C. said...

What a great post! Yes, I have a Netflix suggestion, ok 2. We are working our way through Breaking Bad right now and I'm revisiting Xena the Warrior Princess. Oh geez, I've just admitted to that in public! lol

I've subscribed by email to your site! I'm super-excited for the timing of this linky because all email subscribers to our site will automatically be entered into all of our Summer Reading Weekly Book Giveaways. Have a wonderful day, Renee :)

@dkotucker said...

I am terrified of spiders and would absolutely not go downstairs either! What a fun link-up!

Oh BTW...I've tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award/Shout-out. Pop on over to get it when you have a minute.

Diane =D

Unknown said...


I'm Shar! Your newest follower from the blog hop!
Come visit me over at

Such a cute post! Definitely can relate to the spider & laundry! :) Chocolate cake would be delicious right now! :p

xoxo ♥ -Shar

Unknown said...

I love this post and I'm with ya on the whole spinder on the ceiling thing! I wouldn't walk under it either!

Corinna said...

Love the chocolate cake for breakfast and I hope it was delicious!

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