Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Thoughts.

Goodness, it feels like I haven't written too much out in a long time. 
It seems like it's been a lot of awesome link-ups lately. 
There are going to be some changes going on here over the next little while.


I'll still be participating in link-ups, I'm just going to try 
(keyword try) to limit the amount.
I want to make sure I'm writing actual posts.
 I want to know my readers & the blogs that I follow,
I want my readers to know me as well!
I've had so much fun making & sharing tutorials lately! Look for more of those soon!


I'm limiting the number that will be accepted each month. 
I want to make sure those sponsoring me get as much attention as possible.
I want to make sure those that I sponsor are the right choices for me & my goals for my blog.
Which reminds me, hopefully come Sept 
Mommy Summers is going to start paying to be on other blogs. 

I also update my Sponsor page, check it out!


I've decided to start my Etsy Shop up again.
I started it to try & be friends with my SIL, that didn't work so I stopped.
I love to create though, so it's coming back, hopefully it'll be open by Sept!

Nothing too serious.
Just a few things that I'd like to see myself, & felt that I should write my goals down on my blog.

Also a big thanks to all my readers. 
My blog has grown so much, as of Aug 1st, I had 100 followers,
 today Aug 10, I have 193. 
That is 7 away from my goal of 200 for the month of Aug!
You guys are awesome!

As always, please let me know if you are a new reader! 
I'd love to stop by your blog!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Good luck with your goals! And congrats on the GFC goal almost being done!! That's an awesome increase in 10 days!! Now you're only 6 away :)

New follower from Find + Follow! Have a great weekend!

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