Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Notes.

Happy Sunday!

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I have a pretty busy day of cleaning & then a couple hours at church later, so I figured I'd do a weekend wrap up type post & link up  with Destiny the Rockin' Mama (also my newest button swap!) for 


- Appliances that die when you don't have the money to buy new ones.
- Car batteries that decide it would be the perfect time to die right as your fridge does.
-Everyone in my family being sick at the same time.
-Neighbors coming over at 9 pm to see if we want veggies.
-Pretty painted nails getting messed up while cleaning the house.
-Cleaning the house, ha!

So as you can tell, my weekend has been a pain! We did have a movie night last night & watched The Hunger Games, it was pretty good. I loved the books.We also somehow got 10 hours of sleep last night, it was amazing & much needed.
I'm ready for this week. It will not be crappy like last week, well minus my anniversary this past Thursday, that was pretty awesome. 

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Jazmine G. said...

I know what you mean about everyone in the family being sick at the same time. We all have a cold. :(

I also hate when pretty nails get ruined because of cleaning. I guess I better start getting Shellac cause I heard when you get it done your nails don't get ruined at all.

Self Sagacity said...

The hunger games was interesting, it looks like they are setting up for a sequel. Have fun cleaning, which is what I should be doing now...

Sharon Lachendro said...

Thanks for stopping by my fb page! I'm your newest GFC follower. Please check out my blog at

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