Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Writing about IRL people.

Over the course of the past couple years that I've been writing this blog, anytime I've said something about family or my in-laws, people seem to be shocked that I'd say that on my blog. 

Well I do what I want! :)
Is it really that simple? 
Well yes & no.

Here are some of the ways I'm able to write about IRL People.

"Writing about IRL people on your blog."

1. Make sure no one IRL knows about your blog. 
Meaning I don't connect it to my Facebook or let even one person in on it. 

I have a Facebook under my blog email address 
specifically for a Facebook Fan Page for my blog. 

2. Have the support of your husband if you're blogging about your in-laws.
My husband understands that I need a place to vent when things get bad. He knows
that sometimes I figure out my problems by writing it out & hearing what others think.

3. Don't lie.
Seriously, lying isn't cool.
 If someone IRL were to find out that I  wrote lies about them,
 more drama would only come.

4. Remember they have their side of the story.
I try to make sure I let my  readers know that this was my take on the situation.
I also try to remember what I see/feel might be different than the other person involved.

5. Choose your battles.
I use my  blog to find support, to vent & to better myself.
Don't use it to cause drama. 
Use it to fix it.

6.Make sure you are prepared for that person to read your post.
One thing I learned, is that if you say something about someone, 
you'd better be prepared for that person to hear it. 
Ask yourself these things before posting:

Do I support what I wrote?
Is there anything I can change to cover myself?
Should I post this?

So pretty much, be smart people! 

I'm not saying go & post crap about your family or in-laws on here. 
So don't do that.
I'm just saying sometimes we need to vent & figure things out.
That's okay. Just remember my "tips".


Unknown said...

Love this!! No one IRL knows about my blog other than my Husband. I love it that way!!

Erin said...

Haha great advice! This is exactly why I don't write about any IRL peopleand nobody really knows about it IRL either. I'm scared to make it IRL known!

Newest follower from the GFC hop, loving your blog :)

The Jack Chronicles said...

hmmm....I always wondered about this! Especially when I read a blog post that's really open and honest about am IRL person in an unflattering way! Visiting from the GFC Blog Hop & your new follower :)

Rachel said...

Everyone in my family knows that I blog...most people that I know in fact, which for me works because I don't want to write about people without them knowing. I did get in trouble for a story I wrote about my Mom once...I still think it's a funny story, and so does she, but I guess it was just too recent for her not to be embarrassed about it anymore. Maybe in a few years...

Abbey said...

Thanks for sharing this! These are definitely great tips to follow. My mom and a few of my sisters follow my blog, but other than that...not too many of my IRL friends read or know about it.

Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Love this! You are pretty much as real as it gets dear and I've blogged about my in laws many of times. They all know and read so maybe that's my bold way of getting things off my chest. I'm having so much fun cohosting this blog hop so thank you so much for linking up! xoxo

Rosie said...

It's so difficult getting the balance right between wanting to share your hobby, but also have another side to your life where you can fully express yourself. My parents don't know I blog and would go mad about me writing about them - even in a complimentary way. My boyfriend is only just comfortable with me being a bit more personal now. Great post and definitely following back from the Return the Favour hop.

Rosie (Co-host)

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