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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coffee, Cheating & Yellowstone

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that:

I'm pretty upset that we don't have sugar for my coffee this morning. 

I was super pissed at my husband the other day because I had a DREAM he cheated on me. (He should know how to control himself in my dreams right?!)

I'm excited to be going to Yellowstone this month! Even if it is just a quick Fri-Sun trip!

I only have 1 item in my Shop. I'm pretty sure it's a great Fall accessory!

I mentioned my shop in this post! ha!

I have some more personal posts scheduled for this month, & I'm excited/terrified!

 A has a late night snack before she heads to bed, she always wants an Otter Pop right before she lays down, or cheese.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! Can't wait to see your posts!


Unknown said...

LOL at your comment about your hubby's dream!... AGREED!!! lol

Yay! You're going to Yellowstone! SO exciting!!

I've yet to do an 'it's OK Thursday' post, but I just might next week if I don't have anything else lined up! I love reading them!!

xoxo ♥ Shar

Unknown said...

i've never been to yellowstone, but i've heard it's beautiful!

happy thursday!

xoxo, sarah grace

AudreyN said...

Ha ha ha! I'm always super mad about something my husband does in my dream. Lately it been him buying giant expensive things we have no need for... LOL

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