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Monday, September 17, 2012

Conceive Easy

Just about 2 cycles ago, I was lucky enough to get to test out the
 ConceiveEasy TTC Kit.

This is what the kit looks like when you get it! 
I was too excited to open it and see it all the I forgot to take a picture of it! But seriously, that's what it looks like. 

Now if you're TTC & have been for a while, you might be like me. A little crazy with the pregnancy tests. So when I got to my box & noticed how many there were I was thrilled!

But something else was in the box Ovulation tests. I had no idea when to start using them & wish there was just a bit more info in the box for me. I love info & would much rather have a pamphlet full of info then having to turn to the internet for help. But they did have some great info on their site, you can find that here

It also included a BBT, which I've never been great at using, but I gave it a shot!

I love this kit. It had just about everything I needed, (only thing missing- more info.). Though they do have a website all about how to get pregnant &; it was super handy for that. Now I didn't get pregnant while using this kit, BUT I did feel better while I was taking the pills to help you get pregnant.
 It's hard to explain. 

I would definitely recommend this to someone TTC, it doesn't hurt to try something. 
When I was TTC the first time around I went with as much natural stuff I could before going to see a doctor. It's definitely worth giving it a try! 

** Though I was given the TTCKit to review, all opinions are my own. **


Mary Stontz said...

I had issues getting pregnant the first time and paid thousands of dollars different types of treatment. I was about to give up but a friend of mine told to look into this TTC kit. Her sister had taken it and was pregnant right away. I look into it and placed an order for the kit. After only 4 months of use I am pregnant with twins!! :)

justice said...

I don"t have good enough insurance to be throwing away money on fertility drugs and specialists so I decided to give the ConceiveEasy kit a try.i am so happy I did because I am now expecting after 2 years of trying. The best part is I didn't have to wait another 2 years because I got pregnant after 3 months of using the product. Two Thumbs Up FertiBella!

Anonymous said...

I conceived in 3 months of using Fertibella after TTC on my own for close to 3 yrs. I had been diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction after a series of VERY expensive tests and biopsies. The doctor proposed a $1,000 recombinant FSH treatment on top of all that! Needless to say, I switched doctors and found someone who was more understanding of my budget and situation. She told me about Fertibella and I'm so grateful because now I have a baby girl (and it only cost me $40!)

Anonymous said...

I was able to conceive using Fertibella in month #2! I had already ordered months 3 & 4 by the time I got my BFP, but they were cool about letting me return the bottles for a refund. Before I found fertibella, I had been looking at Clomid for $50/mo or IVF for $12-20,000! So glad I found this instead.

HopingToConceive said...

I love fertibella. I used it both times to conceive. I am in my early 30s and found it was much harder to conceive than I thought. I tried for almost a year on my own, but it took me less than 3 months both times with this supplement!

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