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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Firmoo Sunglasses Review

Remember these sunglasses?

Okay maybe you don't. 
I've had them for quite a while. 
Okay maybe a couple months. 
Well guess what. They broke!

Like I have to put a lens back into the frame every time I want to wear them. 
Seriously, our Yellowstone trip was quite interesting with me wearing them, always have to check my purse for the lens. 
Not cool.

About a week before Yellowstone I was asked to try some sunglasses out from Firmoo.

I got online & started browsing their website.
I was immediately in LOVE with these glasses.
Check out the awesome detail on the sides! Perfect right?!

I wasn't sure what they'd look like on me though. 
But hey, no worries!
They have a way to try them on!!

What do ya think? I know, love them right?
I wasn't so sure about the teal color but...
they had them in black! So I placed my order
and when I got back from Yellowstone, I had them waiting for me!

Love them!
Love the detail on them, 
love the shading!
I even got a pretty awesome case to put them in! 
Meaning, A can't get to them & A can't break them.
Maybe I should add that I can't break or lose them if they're in a case.

Hey bloggers, I bet you didn't know that Firmoo is 

Check out the link above for more information!

But I just have to tell you one more time, 

Next time you're looking for glasses or sunglasses, check out Firmoo!
I know I will!

* I did receive these sunglasses for free to review, but all opinions are my own! *


Southern Belle Mama said...

I really like these! And the try it on option is great...I'll have to check it out.

Nicole Vardo said...

Love your blog came across it after searching for Firmoo reviews! hope you can check mine out :)


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