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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

19 Months!

Oh goodness A. You've already hit 19 months (Oct 5). I can't believe it. 
I didn't think much had happened this month, until I started looking through the pictures. 

You've had a busy month.

We went to Yellowstone & brought home a black bear.
Your cousin moved in with us. 
It got cold enough for you to start wearing winter/fall clothes.
Cousin C went back to school so you started exploring his room more when he's gone.

You got crayons for the bath & decided coloring on your body was fun.
You had a root beer float.
You had sushi.
You went to nursery for the first time.

You went to the airport for the first time.
You started taking pictures of yourself.

Slow down A, you're growing up too fast!

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