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Monday, December 10, 2012

Sneak Peek

Hey Friends!

How's life? Miss me? I've missed you. My reasons, which will be told in about a week in a scheduled post, for not blogging so much lately are all good. I was really hoping to get some of you to guest post for me for the last 5 or so weeks,(if you want to PLEASE let me know!!) I just haven't been able to! I get on and do reviews for Children Teaching Mama, and that is about it! 

It's funny how life can keep you from blogging, but you can still keep your amazing friends! I'm so glad so many of us get to chat on Twitter! Thank goodness for Twitter! 

Here's a quick peek of whats to come on the blog:

Hair cuts & a special new shirt for A.

What happened with A's aunt & I, after Halloween.

Also, some updates on my situation with my in-laws, my family, and my own little family.

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