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Monday, January 14, 2013

Who am I?

Don't we ask ourselves that question quite often?

Who am I?

Sometimes I feel like I get lost in the "Mommy Summers" blog theme, (which if you're wondering or confused like I'd probably be, is strictly Mommy Blog material). I sometimes wonder how I forget I'm a woman, and not just a mom. I have talents and hobbies. Things excite me, and not just seeing a great deal on some cute clothes for my baby. (Err, toddler.) 

Seeing as I can no longer fall back to sleep after 6:30 am, and A doesn't wake up until closer to 9/9:30 I want to say I'll be back at blogging more. I really think I need a plan though. How do you go about figuring out a blogging plan?  Sometimes (okay- most times), at night or just going through my day I'll start writing a post in my head, it'll sound amazing, of course I have nothing to write/type on, just my phone but really, how well does that ever go? What do you do at those times?

Did you know I made some "Goals for 2013"? I bet you didn't. I'm still deciding if they are realistic or not. But, hey if they don't happen in 2013, I have plenty of time after to accomplish them right? I want to be a better writer. I dreamed of writing books and sharing my story (not that it's anything really special or unique), when I was younger. I had journals, never wrote regularly though, just enough to help me remember. How do I get there? 

I want to be more "real". I share the good things, and sometimes the bad, but how can I give you a glimpse into my life without it being bland or to personal?

I want to be myself. Did you know that I can gross out even my brothers with the things I say? Seriously, my husband can't believe I have a mouth like the one I do. I'm never inappropriate at the wrong times, I know who I can be really myself around, but I also what to be more myself more often (not that being gross is the only thing that makes me, well me, I just know it's something you don't know about me and don't worry I plan on keeping my blog clean). I tend to be shy, hang back. So I want to tweet at that awesome blogger, make friends with them, but me?- eh I'm just an average blogger, heck the streak I had going disappeared rather quickly. Why would they want to talk to me? 

How do you break away from your "blog theme"? How do you become the better you?


Southern Belle Mama said...

I know exactly what you mean! Especially since I started out blogging anonymously (because I was scared to tell anyone for fear that they'd laugh), but now my friends and family read my blog so I feel like I have to edit myself or stick to "mommy" topics and updates with the children. I don't know how to find that balance...which is probably what actually keeps me from writing more.

If you figure it out, let me know! :)

Lisa said...

Good questions! I'm actually experiencing a sort of where am I going blog crisis right now. But, I am looking forward to learning more about you as a woman.

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