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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

23 Months.

We are starting the last month of your 1 year old updates! I can't believe you'll be 2 in just a month!
I'm so proud to be your mom.

You are wearing size: 2T clothes, 5 shoes.
You are super skinny, still about 25 lbs at the most!
You are talking so much! I am so proud of you!
About 2 weeks ago you learned 8 new words!

Blue, yellow, ice cream, shoe, show, towel, shower, out.

We had a SUPER busy month! These are just a handful of pictures I have! 
You were sick this month, poor baby. 
You celebrated Papa's birthday & met your cousin Grace.
You enjoyed going to Chuck E. Cheese & the library, oh & some dancing.
You started taking TONS of self pictures on my phone & Daddy's iPad.
We actually took a few pictures together!
Such a busy, great month!

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