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Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Listicles: Proud.


1. Myself for graduating from high school the traditional way. I am the first and only child out of 6 in my family to graduate high school! A few of the others have their GED or High School Diploma but through a different way, still proud of them for accomplishing that!

2. My daughter for using pretty good manners at just about 2! Please, thank you, no thank you, excuse me & bless you, are heard coming from her mouth quite often! 

3. My husband for getting his Bachelor's degree, he wasn't sure he wanted to but pushed through that and got it!

4. My home. It's not an amazing looking house, and it's not decorated amazingly either, but it feels like a home when you come in, and I love it.

5. Myself when I accomplish something. I tend to start something and not finish it, (oops!) so when I can check something off my list (even if it's little like cleaning out a closet) I'm happy for days!

6. My dad. He's always worked his hardest to provide for his family and deserves all the great blessings he's gotten and continues to receive!

7. My hair! Ha, I am slowly but surely growing it out! 

8. My blog, it's the longest I've kept a journal & though it's not perfect it's definitely a great way for me to save memories!

9. My marriage, it's definitely seen some rough times but it's survived!

I'm going to stop right here at 9! Those seem like just enough! 

What is something you are proud of?


jhester said...

I'm proud of my daughter for being brave and switching preschools in the middle of the year. I know it had to have been hard for her, but she transitioned much better than we expected!

Love your blog! Found you via Meet Me Monday. :)



Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

This list is so sincere and sweet. i just love it! Erin

Robbie K said...

You have much to be proud of! I put my blog on my list as well :)

EMily said...

Marriage, the never ending accomplishment! Great list!

Stasha said...

You truly are a wonderful lady. So excited to meet the new baby in summer!!

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