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Friday, March 15, 2013

Planning B's Bridal Shower

Did I ever tell you that I am the Matron of Honor in my brother's wedding? 
If not, then I probably haven't told you that his wedding is 20 days after my due date with Miss M.

Crazy right?

Trying to get this all figured out has been wild. I'll be ordering my dress next weekend and hoping to get some super fast alterations in before. But besides the fact I'll be in the wedding, there's the fact that I'll have some pretty fun things to do before hand. Like ya know, the Bridal Shower. Which will be a week after my due date. Now my Dr is a "If you've made enough progress by your 38 week check we can go ahead and schedule an induction for 39 weeks" type doctor. So I'm hoping she comes on her own before then. Not too early of course. But anyway, before the Bridal Shower, I'm throwing a baby shower for my Sissy. Meaning I've got that to plan too, but I don't need an angry bride.

I'm slowly but surely getting ideas on Pinterest. Here are just a few I've pinned to my board Bridal Shower Ideas Board.


Super cute idea, I might do this but on the sign in table instead! Or Something!!


Have you gone to/hosted/had a bridal shower lately? What did you do? (Send me your post links!) What was so much fun, what sucked? Seriously. Help me out!

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