Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Date Things to Avoid.

3 Things you should NEVER do on a first date

1. Hit a guy with a golf club. 
     (My friend Noddle still remembers the time I set his friend up with a friend of mine for prom & during our outing for them to meet, she hit him with the golf club while playing mini golf, oh how I wish I could say it could have gone better.)

2. Pick your nose.
     (Seriously guys, at least pretend to care about your appearance while you're out on a date, especially a first date. Because chances are someone will point it out & then your date is ruined.)

3. Be super touchy. 
    (Really, people? You don't know each other don't try and be all over your date. Chances are you'll going to get smacked in the face. Then if you try & follow her out to her car & try & open the car door after she's in and trying to leave, she might just hit you with the car door.)

Oh the many fun dating stories I have. Definitely have to share more of them sometime.
Have you ever been on an awful first date?

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1 comment:

Shelley said...

HAHA! Here's one...don't wear neon green short running shorts to a date! Men.

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