Friday, April 26, 2013

Vegas April 2013: Day 1

Oh how our little getaway was much needed this last weekend. Had a wonderful trip! A did absolutely amazing on the car ride. We got bored & took lots of pictures! My favorites are her doing a few of her different faces. Love it!


We were SO happy to get to Vegas and head up to our room at NYNY. We stayed up on the 30th floor of Century B! I didn't get pictures of the room or the hotel other than the couple below! While we waited for my sister & her family to show A ran wild! Jumping on the bed, climbing on her dad, and racing across the room! Finally I grabbed everyone for some pictures!

A couple hours later my sister & her family showed up! So at 9 we headed down stairs for some Italian at Il Fornaio, with these 2 cute girls! They are so cute together! A still wakes up asking for her cousin! My dinner was pretty darn good! A sure loved it, even though it was 10 our time and a couple hours past bed time dinner was great!

Be warned this will probably be a 3 part post! So many pictures! Don't want to overwhelm the page! 

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Unknown said...

Looks like fun. I want to go to Vegas!!

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