Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vegas April 2013 - Day 2: Part 1!

Day 2 in Vegas was busy busy busy! We met up at 9 and headed to Mandalay Bay for breakfast at the Citizen! While there the girls both HAD to be held by Papa!  They also couldn't help but dance around at the table and outside while we were waiting! Breakfast was pretty good!

 Next big stop- The Shark Reef!I only got the 2 pictures while we were there, I had too much fun watching A & her cousins look at all the fish! They both got a little concerned when the fish would come to the window, but still loved it! Fish was the word of the day! 

My dad had us drive past this metal building because someone at work had to go there for work stuff so he wanted to see it. Next, shopping at the Outlets! I'm not sure the name, my sister just called them the Outdoor Outlets. It was perfect weather! We spent hours there, though A was the only one besides my parent's to get anything while there. Spending the day in warmer weather meant a milkshake for me & A. YUM! Walking around pushing her stroller really was a workout for her!

I'm not sure how we walked for so long without taking a break! Well I guess we did spent a couple hours out on benches while my dad hit up some of his favorite stores. 

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