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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finish This #2

 I feel an adrenaline rush when … I hear a noise that's not quite right in the middle of the night. Just ask my husband how many times he's had to wander the house checking to make sure everything is okay. 

I feel energized when … I actually get to have more than 2 hour chunks of sleep at night. 

I feel small when … I'm around my in-laws. I feel like I just disappear into the room. I spend most of the time sitting in silence, waiting for a chance to say something, waiting for someone to talk to me. 

I feel big when … I call up some place to take care of something. Ha, I'm not much of a " I'll call and get that all figured out " type person. 

I feel indestructible when … I learn something new and actually get it. Like I'm sure I'll feel indestructible after I finish up my Skills Test this weekend for CPR & First Aid, if I pass of course ha. 

I feel stupid when … I have to ask 4 times what the other person said. Ha. 

I feel smart when … I can listen to my husband talk about work stuff and actually understand all of it enough to explain it better to someone else! 

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Nicole M. Hutchison said...

awwww, I hate that you feel small when you're around the in-laws but, of course, I'm a pretty outspoken extrovert and usually the one talking up a storm! Husband and I have an agreement about his work, when he needs to "talk something out" I just nod and smile because it's so foreign to me and I would NEVER understand all of it. HA! Thanks for joining us this week. XO, Nicole

Jeannie said...

My hub is a retired design engineer. I never understand what he's talking about! Ha.

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